Thursday, July 09, 2009

Believe and there is happily ever after =)

Wedding is in the air..

Nani, one of my close friend back in secondary school, called me up last week and surprise me with such a big news.. She is getting married!! And it's end of this month July.. Thank God that she found someone who cherish her well.. Nani, CONGRATS my dear!! I can't wait to see you and your big size hubby.. hehe.. I need to dig for "baju kurong" to wear~~ hehe..

Another babe of mine also gave me a shocking news..!! and it's none other than my sexy lips babe, JENNIFER TIEW..!! I was in total shock mode and in tears when I found out.. but found on FB loh~~ not good loh.. hehe.. I can't believe but it's true, Jenn is GETTING MARRIED.. wow~ CONGRATS my babe.. I can't wait to see this sexy one in wedding gown.. Enjoy every minute of planning this wonderful wedding of yours.. =)

Seeing my friends preparing for weddings and what attracts me the most is taking wedding pictures.. I find it a very sweet and wonderful thing.. I think photographer is really important, they got to understand and capture the right moment.. So 100% I'm going to look for the best photographer.. hehe.. =)

I feel like getting marry too.. but I haven't found the right one.. hehe.. You guys are right, I'm quite choosy but abit only larrrr.. Well, who won't turn choosy and slowly decide when you get hurts in every relationship?? REAL friends who REALLY know me, knows I'm not a lady looking for rich guys..

For me, the guy's HEART is most important.. Rich, so?? It's not like I don't have knowledge, career, brain.. Sometime we lady need to be smart to protect ourselves.. Money, maybe is everything but when it comes to love it isn't the number one on my list.. As long as there is proper job..!! If there is ever this issue, it can be solve together..

Well, I hope all my babes found their true love and live happily ever after.. hehe.. Believe and "happily ever after" do come true.. =)

~~muhahaha.. my office's computer current wallpaper.. I like I like =p~~


exclusivelydaniel said...

now baru i nak comment la u.. LOL

yeah bah everyone getting married. so happy for her ehh.. i had a hunch bah that leon was gonna ask her.. LOL..

turns out my hunch quite true le.. LOL.. anyways pat like i said

09/09/09- jen
10/10/10- my cousin
11/11/11- PATCSH
12/12/12- dan
13/13/13- allen but since no 13/13/13 he will take 11/11/11 also.. =p

aiyah dun care what ppl say la.. they say what they want to say.. at the end of the day they themselves also MONEY EYES!! they just dun wan to admit it..

Patricia said...

@Daniel: Feel like getting marry too rite?? hehe.. and so sure 11/11/11-PATCSH? haha.. If it's on 11/11/11, you and Joan need to sing on stage for me ok.. HAHA..

And I don't listen to what people say la.. I'm just writing down my thoughts/feeling.. =)

eheh I agree with you on "they themselves also MONEY EYES!! they just dun wan to admit it.." =p