Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's almost 5am.. I forgot what time did I wake up.. All I know is I fell asleep feeling super full from dinner at RBC once I reached home.. Then suddenly wake up around 3am.. I look at my luggage bag, empty.. shiftttzz.. faster start to pack abit.. Most importantly, dresses-check ready for ling sing's wedding.. =)

Later today I will be heading off to Miri.. I will be at Miri until Monday.. wuhuuu.. going to spend some quality time with my babes, best bud CCH, hopefully meet Nicole and Clemence.. hehe.. I can't wait to see everyone at the open house at CCH & Shirley's.. can't wait to dance all night with Chienz, SY the birthday girl, PY, Jo, Denise and the others.. can't wait to attend Ling Sing's big day.. can't wait!! =)

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