Saturday, July 03, 2010

Last Saturday

One fine night, last Saturday.. we ever heading to John's house and I felt hungry.. It was 2am, we went to Mamih but closed order.. T_T

So my QTWW said he will cook something for me.. SO NICE KAN.. Eventhough just Instant Noodle~ lol.. =D
I ate abit only because late alreadyyyyyy.. FAT bah.. hehe =P
QTWW finished lu.. ^^

Aiyooooooooooooooooo now I really wish I can have doreamon's pocket so that I can take out it's traveling door, open, step in and be in Singapore right nowwwwwww.. =/

Anyway.. to end my post.. I found two soothing Korean song oh! slow slow type I likeeeeey.. =)

1) Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls - I'm in Love

2) Seo Hyun from SNSD - Its okay even if its hurt

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