Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just another Wednesday~

Let me see..

I'm currently in the office and for the past few days, I have my lazy mood on..
I still want to go for holiday.. but $$$$!! *sniff sniff*
Any high pay job out there for me? hehe..

I watch the movie Inception on Monday, an interesting movie about dream, memories, facing reality.. yeap interesting!
I want to watch STEP UP next!!! *waiting for people to date me lol*

Aiyo why today only Wednesday, two more days till weekend come.. =(
Aiyo why everyday so many work to settle, non-stop work then have to work non-stop like robot? SIEN

I'm hungry.. AHHH I WANT MCD FRIES!! Haven't eat any after I recover from my flu and cough.. OK, going to note down on my calender, MCD FRIES..

Tomorrow is the first say of Consumer fair at Bridex Hall.. and I must go tomorrow because there will be a RBA BOOTH!!! I want to check check check check CHECK some air ticket price.. but I don't want to go alone.. Don't know that complain King and lovely Eve want to go tomorrow.. hmmm.. oh ya, other than seeing RBA BOOTH, also must visit KATH.. lol
Kath is working there for the fair.. Ah, maybe can pull Joan together too.. hmmm..

Last night Clemence called and told a bad news.. I don't know to feel sad for him or not.. Eventhough it was only a short high school love, he did appear in my life journey so all I can do is wish him well no matter what the result is from the court.. Never except his life will turn out this way~

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