Friday, July 02, 2010


Today: Second day of July.. There goes June.. There goes half of the year..
As I was getting ready for work this Morning, I asked myself.. What have I achieve?

Make Sushi! (eh.. this is a very very big achievement oh! for me la.. haha)
Found Love!! ^^

Ok that's it.. That's all I can think of.. lol..

I was sharing with Jenn and Angel about I really would like to have my own cute cafe someday~ Then I tell the both of them, it's time to get ourselves some loan and have people work for us!!!! LOL.. I'm just joking with the loan thing.. hahaha.. =P

Nice song oh.. By
范瑋琪-到不.. I wonder if I can memorize it.. hmmmm...

I was tired and bored working late in the office just now so I ask some why?
Why do I get fat?
QTWW: cause im not there to eat ur portion
**come back soon so you can eat my portion!

Why is money important?
QTWW: to buy me food
**yessss no need to cook!

Why cant I have a doreamon pocket?
QTWW: cause Im doremon, why u want my pocket
**huh?? since when you are doreamon? Then just now I was looking back at my post for my past six months achievement.. I saw one of my post with this picture..

A QTWW Doreamon shape.. hahaha.. make sense.. =) I miss QTWW!!

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