Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from Singapore

I'm back from Singapore.. and It's back to normal work days again.. booooo.. QTWW said my 5days trip was short, come to think of it.. TRUE LO.. sighs, no choice I need to save some leave..

The last time I visit Singapore was 5 years ago, I guess because I was SO young that walking for the whole day shops to shops catching MRT wasn't a tiring thing until the day end.. This time, omg I miss my baby car so SO much.. It's hot and tired, thank god for QTWW beside me.. ^^

Purpose of my trip other than seeing my QTWW, it's also meeting up people I miss! hehe.. Met Mei Ling, Ting, Kok How, Sibui, Wendy and so on~ =) no Kelly, I forgot her number.. =(

and YEAH, I went to Universal Studio and ride the Flyer and see Marina Bay! =D

At the airport saying goodbye was hard.. Thanks Kuan Long and Wei Ru for accompanying Rue to send me off.. Well, three months to go till I see YOU.. =)

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