Saturday, July 24, 2010


Saturday~~ I'm missing my QTWW.. ^^

Last night, dinner and meeting up at TT Blue Cafe~ Ling Chi, Siew Yun, Siew Yii, Hakim, Chienz, Jing Jing, Sandra, Kam Wai was there with Hao Ran and Sing Hock ofcourse..

As I get in the car when Ray and Eve came to pick me, I was surprise.. WA this two lovable looking good.. and they look at me with my Mickey Mouse T-Shirt and double-check with me if I want to re-change.. -____- It's ok, I know I look cute enough! *muahahahaha*
My dinner! I like it very much.. Chili Prawn Pasta if I'm not wrong.. The sos actually taste like crab! =D
Below Lamb Chop is Chienz's dinner.. Chienz=lamb lover =P

* * * * *

I found a nice song on FB, kinda emo type~~ The singer remind me of Sheeren (Zhe Mei).. Similar Hair and smile without seeing teeth I guess, even the name start with S.K.. and till the end of the MV, I spotted a QTWW! =D

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