Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My poor big bandage toe

Say hello to my poor toe! =.=
Looks serious right? hehe.. the nurse bandage my toe till looking like this T_T I got it injured during my 'walking days' in Singapore.. I finally decide to go to the doctor when I saw blood keep flowing out and it look swollen when I was in the office yesterday..
Infection? I thought to myself.. I showed it to Angel and Angel scold why I didn't get my toe check earlier.. T_T So I called Kath up to check whether she is free to accompany me to the clinic..

Inside the doctor room, when I saw the doctor hold up the injection tube, I quickly hug onto Kath's arm and hide myself beside her back.. lol I scare pain mah~ I thought my nail need to be take out mah~ who knows, doctor just make a tiny hole on my nail, suck and press out blood.. T_T

Yes, a tiny hole and my toe is wrap up looking so serious.. hehe.. Tomorrow I need to return to the clinic for doctor to check and clean off.. =)

* * * * *

Then feeling hungry already, off to Coffeezone cafe for dinner after picking up Jacky.. Kath bought a book which teaches palm reading.. so me, Jacky and Jonathan became her guinea pig then follow by Ray and Eve who join us after bombing me.. T_T hehe..

I think after Kath master the whole book, she can start doing palm reading business.. hehe.. Below is a picture of Kath so concentrate reading the book for Eve's palm.. =P

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