Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dot com on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning.. The only morning other than public holiday, when I can sleep in until afternoon.. I just had my breakfast cum lunch, Roti Canai!! I love Roti Canai alot.. =D

I'm just going to spend my Sunday afternoon reading my favourite popular blogs.. Upload some pictures on my FB.. Continue sleep maybe? Cook mee goreng later? I'm craving for mee gorenggggggg.. hehe.. I love this post of a Hotel at Bali which Kenny stayed for his holiday! Super nice.. I love the swimming pool which is just right outside the room.. Expensive but if get to stay for a night is a dream come true!! hehe.. here's the link to this particular post with great pictures! =)
Ubud Hanging Gardens & Anantara Seminyak I want to get myself an Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR camera!!!! This post XiaXue introduce this nice-not-bulky-ugly camera and it's features.. so niceeeeeee!!! I love it's Art Filters so much.. Don't have to edit pictures anymore.. drool~~~ here's the link to her post where you can see the camera's picture effect and outcome.. =D The Mighty Pen

I love Some of his post always inspire, cheered me up.. I love this post very much, I couldn't stop laughing when I read it in the office the other day.. haha.. Here's the link to share, it maybe lame but I find it funny and CUTEEEE.. =) S.O.S.

Ok.. enough for today's post.. I'm starting to feel lazy already!! hehe.. Really need to cook myself Mee Goreng later.. yummmmm.. Goodbye but waittttt...

How can I not end this post with my picture.. LOL..
Good day people! =D

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