Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The first week of CNY 2011

Be warned.. this is going to be a post with picturessss!! Pictures starting from 2 to 8th February.. Its the CNY week, that why I haven't been updating hehe.. Happy Chinese New Year to all! love~

**2/2/2011- Chinese new year Eve.. I sent my baby car for a last minute wash, filled up the petrol and stuff.. It was a hot day in the afternoon.. so while waiting for my car, I went in the restaurant next to the car wash for some cooling ABC.. and listen to Jonathan and Chinez talk..
**At night, me and my dad went to Funwok at Kiulap for our CNY Eve dinner.. Why two of us only? Because my mum and brothers went to KK, Sabah..
**After dinner I went over to Chienz house.. Tze wei and SY came over too and we went to the temple together..
**At the temple, I saw few familiar faces.. Joseph, Ting ting, Mei ling, Jamie Ching, Janet, Ah choon, Ah beng, Sim yang, Thanis, Denise, Sandra and I can't remember anymore.. lol
We left the temple and had a short gathering at the nearby carpark and I saw Blu and her hubby.. ohh how I miss her =)

**3/2/2011- First day of CNY! Happy CNY people.. I put on my new dress and with my advance Valentine's present from the bf, off I go to open houses =D
1. My boss's house
2. Daniel's house
3. Follow Chienz to her relatives, Tony's house- Met Steven there
4. Adeline's house
5. John's house- didn't took any picture there

1. Kuan Loung's house- his mum homemade 'sui mai' = best!!
2. Joan & Kath's house- asked Daniel to take picture of me & Joan, but he try camwhore instead.. Result: Failed! lol
3. Daniel's house for dinner lol
4. Back to Kuan Loung's house- because his car breakdown

1. Back to work
2. Shereen's house- Rue isn't in the picture because his car couldn't start.. Bet it's because he laughed at Kuan Loung's car hehe =X
3. Chien's house
4. Denise's house
5. John's house again- His living room have super comfy sofa set where I fell asleep on.. =D

1. Ling Chi's house
2. Mei Ling's house- saw Pei Ling.. bump into Ah Soon & Ah Huat
3. Mei Yun's house
4. SY's house- Her mum homemade 'Oh-wa-jian' & fried chicken wings = delicious!!
5. Sibui's house- Last minute he reached home from Miri, I manage to drop by to see him awhile before he flew back Singapore the next day
6. off to the cinema with bf

Nervous day of my life! For the first time I brought a bf home.. Unbelievable right? Honestly it's true, I never bring or intro any of my ex-bfs to my parents lol..

I was so tense at work and keep praying for things to go smooth hehe.. Anyway, so Rue, Ray, Mei Ling, Siew Yun, Ling Chi, Chienz came to my house in the evening.. Thank God for Mei ling because I don't know how to handle and she's very close to my mum so there's an advantage hehe..

After my place, Rue and Ray left for other function and I followed the rest to Chern Siew's house..

Had lunch with Rue, Ray and Chienz today.. Rue flew to Taiwan with his family in the evening.. So we said goodbye after lunch..
Then went I reached office, dim sum on my table! Felicia & Uncle bought me some for my tea break lol
**For dinner, I went to Bakerlyn cafe at Kiulap.. Ling Chi organize a gathering at the Bakerlyn cafe in Kiulap..
Me and the girls
Me and Chern Siew
Group photo
Great seeing everyone tonight!

**Now- Just got back from Grace's house.. She fried 'poh pia' for us to eat..

Who were there? Steven & Jeslyn, Daphne & Khang Wei, Shing Jung & his Gf.. and me alone again~ Kinda sad when they all ask where's Rue.. but what to do, the bf is on the plane to holiday.. lol I'm sure there's always next time to meet =)

Alright people, I'm done with this long picture post!! hehe.. Goodnight everyone and Happy Chinese New Year again.. HUGS

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