Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One become Two

How do you know..
if you want to include your other half in your future
or your relationship is stable and working towards a happy future..

It maybe because:
Both are happy in love
Both feel secure
Both feel loved
Both support each other
Both welcome each other into the family
Both praise each other to the parents
Both share problems
Both seek advice from each other
Both don't have breakdown communication
Both enjoy each other companion
Both will arrange for things to do together
Both make sure each other don't feel left out
Both sometime talk about the future
Both make compromise
Both misses each other
Both make each other feel important
Both appreciate and cherish each other
Both of you are in each other plans..

**When you are dating at teen age, of course you won't think far..
And you slowly enter twenties, you experience bumpy relationship.. so you choose to go with the flow and take things easy because you know you are still young..
By the time you reach between mid-twenties & thirty, your surrounding friends, start to tie the knot.. and if you are still single, you start looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right.. but if you are in a relationship, you will want to make sure you are with the right person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with..
By thirties, you start to get serious with life.. career, marriage, future, children.. then you tend to settle down and just want to have a good family and career.. and early retirement to travel around the world......................
Love is in everyone..

**By the way, this is just my thoughts for cycle of love life.. lol Alright, the end of this post =)

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