Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lunch at Kitaro

Good weather today!
Its a nice Sunday to stay in bed until afternoon.. but I didn't.. I got up before noon and prepare for lunch gathering hehe..
I had lunch at Kitaro Restaurant with lot of girls and three guys..
Its a new Japanese restaurant which I haven't get the chance to try out.. Well, the price range is kinda expensive but good quality of food! yum~~
We girls didn't forget to take some pictures.. outside the restaurant ;)
The guys stand at the side playing with their phone while waiting lol

And I met Chienz in the evening.. Our blood circulation well that's why we look red red lol
Goodbye Sunday

Saturday night, Hiang came up from his village and asked me & Chienz to join him for movie.. We watched "127 hours".. The movie is based on true story oh.. I read some reviews on the movie and some people said it's boring, but I find it ok.. hehe.. Story is about a rock climber who got his hand stuck and how he survive, escape..
Oh well, I'm done with this post now.. Goodnight all! :D

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