Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Best Friend Wedding


My best friend's wedding.. on Valentine's day..
This couple wants everyone to celebrate with them on this day.. or maybe it's a 'easy-to-remember-date' hehe
I slept over at Clemence house with Sally last night and we end up sleeping late because too much to catch up with *talk talk talk talk*.. Summore the bride couldn't sleep.. hehehehe
A busy day today.. This time I wasn't busy torturing the Groom's brothers at the door games.. Instead I was busy being a bridesmaid! lol
Fetching things for Clemence.. Carried stuff for her, especially all her red packets.. *too bad, not mine lol* Anyway, Me in a white dress.. looking fat but I did tried to look thinner in PHOTOS.. haha.. Below picture is ugly but it's the only picture I have of me in full lol
**After a busy morning, I met Samuel for Lunch at Korean Restaurant with my youngest brother.. Thanks Samuel!
**Then went to meet up with Wei Ru, who flew all the way back from Singapore for Clemence's wedding.. hehe.. and some funny incident happen when I saw him.. I almost-crash my car rims.. not one but two.. oh my clumsiness.. Wei Ru felt abit guilty and summore its Valentine's day, he offer to buy me flowers.. Thanks Wei Ru! =)
**So comes the dinner banquet.. I decided to wear the grey dress Clemence gave me for my 21st birthday gift.. YES, 21st and it's still new because I never wore it lol.. I asked Nicole to join me as a replacement of Rue.. At the dinner I saw few familiar people.. I met Chai yu there, the middle one is Nicole..
Then Choon and his girlfriend Kelly..
Steven and Jeslyn.. I think I'm going to receive their red bomb news next year.. hehe
and this is Wei Ru with the newly weds.. hehe
The end~
Congrats again Gal.. I wish you and Raymond have a long happy and blessing marriage until old.. hugs!

The day after Valentine's day, after a full lunch with Ah Jun, Winnie, Nicole.. Me and Wei Ru left Miri.. and We stop by KB to EAT..
Met Hiang for late lunch haha, Wei Ru surrendered eating at the end haha.. and the waitress at Fratini's gave me their left over rose.. dududududu
**At night bf gave me the gifts which he brought from Taiwan.. One of the gifts: Hello Kitty waffle rolls.. CUTE and it taste super sweet, I think because of its Strawberry flavor.. then I was surprise that he suggest we catch a movie, felt like dating again..
So that's how I spent my Valentine's day this year =)

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