Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daniel's Birthday

**Tomorrow is Clemence's wedding day! Later before noon I need to start my journey to Miri because tonight she have dinner buffet over at her house.. and I have lay out my bridesmaid's dress on my bed.. Need to pray that I don't look too fat in it tomorrow.. lol

The bf was suppose to join me, but too bad that last minute he have to join his family to Taiwan.. Clemence wanted to meet Rue and was abit disappointed when I informed he couldn't make it, but I told her not to worry.. there's always next time =)

**Yesterday was Daniel's birthday! Me and Chienz bought him a small piece of dark chocolate cake as a present lol and we surprise him by turning up outside his office..
Then at night, me & Chienz joined Daniel and Joan for dinner at Yacht Club.. Good food, red wine & companion=)
Once again, Happy Birthday Dan!

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