Saturday, February 19, 2011

Body Massage & Scrub at Intan Spa

Saturday again.. work went well, thanks to boss and supervisor not being in the office. lol
I'm feeling the pain on my shoulder again, so I thought of going for a good massage.. Since I have been stressing about few stuff lately, massage would really help.. I try out this place called 'Intan Spa' which I found online, they provide 'Bali-ness' Massage..

The place is at this old building in Gadong area.. Might be old but the place is well kept.. Strong smell of wood which I don't really like, but great service.. Overall, I love their body scrub (yea, I end up trying out their body scrub lol).. massage was alright (I guess I still prefer Thai massage), if I were to go back again it's definitely for their body scrub.. =)

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