Friday, February 18, 2011


Our conversation keep repeating in my head..
It is you or me? Sighs.. When a couple, the one who get angry or disappoint.. I believe it's either you don't care or your thinking can go down deep negative or thinking can go way back to all the wrongs during the past..

But then, human being are almost all the same.. give them 5 to 10 minutes to explode/scream/cry.. After that just by saying sorry and making them smile back works all the time..
Repeating may get bored and yeah you think 'why always me giving in??' but then we would still continue doing it because we don't want to see our loves one sad and it's a win-win situation when our ears/heart get hurt.. - this apply for both male & female lol

**I hope next time, it's because you miss me and just want to spend sweet couple time together.. and not because I want you to..

Yesterday 17/2/2011

Alright, today is the last day of Chinese New Year! Our office arranged for Lion Dance troupe to give us blessing and fortune.. hehe..
Above picture, the lion dance at my table.. ohhhh good business and money come come =P

At night, my family went to Lucky Restaurant for dinner.. Guess what, we waited for more than an hour for our dishes to serve.. We were so starving already! So many people! and A few tables of people cancel their order and left the restaurant.. bad service? yieks.. I don't think my family will be heading there again for special occasion..
My night end with a teapot of nice fruit tea! =)
Happy Chap Goh Mei!

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