Sunday, February 17, 2008

I need a Career

I wish to get a good career..

Few of my friends are heading over to Singapore to work..

I wish to join them.. really..

My reasons I can't bear to leave home.. leave my comfy bed.. Family and everything esle..

I admit it maybe be an excuses.. but then, I really can't bear to leave..

Roger told me that going out to strive, we think of money not family.. By that we can concentrate on our career.. He also told me, the time will come and still we will headed for home.. So right now is the best time to go out and experience life..

Yes, Indeed what Roger said was true.. He had me thinking for a good seconds..

I can go everywhere I want, it all depends whether I want to or not..

I don't know how to make myslef leave.. I feel like a fool sometime.. Such a fool to stay..

* * *

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