Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy National Day Brunei -2008

It was a public holiday.. Brunei celebrate it's National Day..

I remember more on spending Brunei's National Day then Malaysia's Merdeka Day..

As a Malaysian I don't even know how to sing Malaysia's National Anthem.. As a matter of fact, I sing Brunei's very well..

I grew up in Brunei so I'm much familiar towards Brunei culture then Malaysia's..

I love this country but too bad.. Times and Chances are now rare and bad for us called Foreigner in Brunei..

Jobs were easy to find back then.. Now it's complicated..

Things aren't easy anymore..

Wish things aren't so complicated..

Anyway.. Happy National Day Brunei.. =)

I had a good holiday today.. been at home the WHOLE day.. yippieee... =p

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