Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being Famous..?

Ching, Joan and Yours Truly turn famous on the first day of Chinese New Year, 7.2.2008.. why huh..??

We were on Borneo Bulletin (local Brunei newspaper) that day...!! *happy*

hehe.. Actually when we were there busying taking pictures then a photographer approach us and ask for our permission for him to post on newspaper.. We three think twice and wth it's not always we get such oppurtunity.. So we agree and voila.. Our Pretty face on Newspaper.. wth.. =p

Our first experience.. Full color type neh.. *snif snif.. so proud of us* wth.. =p

Who knows, Seng Seng and Angel appear too in the paper.. haha.. The photograher actually is one of Joan and Seng Seng's friend.. Pictures taken by Jason Leong.. --- Leong's relative.. -__- small world..

Angel and Seng Seng

* * *

Tomorrow is the day when roses rises double price, cafes & restaurant fully booked, gifts shop full of heart shape gifts.. It's Valentine's Day.. lots of LOVE in the air.. <3 <3

Took this at the Mall.. Short heart messages outside Swensens Restaurant..

Happy Valentine Day people.. To the couples have fun, To the singles have lots of fun too, What la also can celebrate pls.. single party la.. wth.. To the distance relationship love no fear there are always the internet, webcam, phone, so no worries, you are not lonely.. =D

Happy Valentine's Day.. xoxo <3

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