Wednesday, February 06, 2008

late pictures

Chinese New Year Glitter Graphics

This is going to be a pictures post..

One day, went for a drink with Thomas at Twelv Cafe..

Last Sunday, it's the time of year when Simon and his church friend came to Brunei to hunt on new shoes.. not to forget big lunch at excapade..

They bought total 11 shoes.. -__-

Few weeks ago I did went to excapade with Huang Ching and Joan for dinner..

I'm sure this year on Chinese New Year would be abit lively here in Brunei.. why I say so?

Fireworks are finally allowed again.. Sure alot of people bought.. Can't wait to see. =p

I did bring my baby car to wash the other day to get ready for the Chinese New Year.. but then it's abit dirty again now.. so tomorrow have to wash abit..

The festive feel and decoration at EGO shop in The Mall.. Red red..

Alrite, I'm sleepy.. Goodnight..

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