Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Chai..!!

Pictures taken at the NBT Toyota Brunei..

Trying to kiss the mouse huh Joan? haha..

Yours truly and Angel wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai..!!

It's all about the money..

Ching and Me..

* * *

On the first day of Chinese New Year..

The Chinese New Year Eve dinner at Home.. It's been years since the last time My family
had CNY eve dinner in Brunei.. We used to be in Sibu at thie time of day..

I was being told to eat cheese as in Lunar calender this year is the year of the RAT..
I want more luck bah so I bought a cheesecake.. wth.. =p

Moussy hand drawn painting by Tze's friend.. Jacinta's house..

On the first day of CNY *Chu 1* I went down to Limbang.. The road pass the custom..
Still under process..

See how bad are the road condition..

Breakfast and Lunch.. hehe.. cooked by Tze's mum.. at their house..

Left to Right : Annie, Evelyn, Patricia, Nicole, Masaki (Tze) at Annie's house..

Lion dance perform at Evelyn house..

Left to right : Me, Tze, lion dance, Evelyn and Kai Yiaw

New friends I met at Limbang.. =D
Jacinta is the one in Blue-Green blouse..

Hand made, drawn background at Jacintah's house..

Jacinta's house view is great..

Nicole, me and Jita at Jita house's before I head back to Brunei..

Outside Annie's House..

Limbang girls are all pretty looking I tell you... Nice to meet you all.. =)

The wireless at home are up and running.. I install it all by myself.. So proud.. wth.. =p

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