Monday, February 11, 2008

Ate alot for CNY?

Oh my.. It's been such a tiring Chinese New Year week.. How was the moussy celebration for you guys out there? Gotten rich with the 'ang pao' (red packets) already? Gamble untill morning and won alot? Ate super lots of sweet food and fizzy drinks?

That's are the traditional doing of Chinese New Year to us.. andddd not to forget lots of fireworksssss..... =D

I have not sleep early at all striaght from Chinese New Year Eve.. Alot of my friends have start working today, I start work on last Saturday.. So after work just now I took a one hour nap..

On Sunday, 10/2.. I was in Miri, send my brother Patteron down to the airport.. Then went for friends house to 'bai nain' (visit) also.. Patrick, my other brother follow me to every houses I went.. I bored him.. hehe.. *shall upload pictures soon ok*

Joan and Ching are coming over to my house to 'bai nian' (visit) soon.. Now I'm waiting for them.. After my house we shall head over to Ching's house.. *update- Leong came over to my house too*

I ate too much getting lots of unwanted fats already.. DIET soon la.. haha.. ahhh.. The girls has arrived.. bye.. *runs out*

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