Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just an old fashion kind

Nicole my babe was in Brunei this weekend.. I was only able to meet her up today.. As Last night I attend Lee's casual additional wedding dinner at Shikai Restaurant.. Once again, congrats to Lee and his wife.. Have a blessed lifetime together..

Nicole with her new hair and ME

After the dinner, I ends up going to Jerudong park for a walk.. And I was shock.. Almost all of those high ride games sold off.. and was remove from the ground leaving big empty big holes.. So pity to see the once beautiful place in such states.. tsk tsk tsk..

Alright back to being with Nicole.. We had lunch with her friends who I was first introduce today.. Both guys has good sense of humour..

We end up watching the movie Sex In The City at The Mall.. So pissed off that they cut and censor alot of ehem ehem Sex?? even the part gay kiss was cut off.. -____-"'

Well, the movie was alright.. Labels and Love.. The designer clothing in the movie all look beautiful.. indeed gorgeous.. I love the walk in closet Mr.Big renovate for Carrie, so pretty.. Love, Right Love is hard to find and hold.. Marriage really needs communication and hard work..

The great friends..

Friendship is also important.. Seeing Carrie's gurls by her side when she was torn by Love really touch my heart.. I remember how my hostel family was by my side cheering me up when I was heartbroken.. Really appreciate for what they have done for me..

Gentleman are getting less nowadays.. Yes, I do prefer guys who are gentleman.. who don't huh? Maybe I'm more into an old fashion innocent relationship.. Sweet, romantic, humour, caring, gentle is what I have always wish for in a guy.. But no one is perfect.. I'm not perfect myself.. Jeffrey thanks for putting me as perfect one in your book.. You really made my day.. =D

* * * * *

The set of Ambuyat

Anyway.. I had AMBUYAT for lunch yesterday
with Angel, Rueburn and a friend of his at Kiulap.. I don't remember the restaurant name.. how to introduce like this, never mind send me an email as I can always draw it for you.. wth..

Angel and yours truly with the Ambuyat

Lots of twisting need to be done

It taste alright lo.. I ever ate it before but I don't remember the taste of it anymore, as it was like five years ago and I only had one bite.. wth.. =p Ambuyat really didn't taste that bad.. By the way, Ambuyat is the best known local dish in Brunei..

Look at him, so happy coz he finally can proudly call himself one of Bruneian.. Rueburn's first try!!

* * * * *

Remember I said I was going to watch Red Cliff? Seng seng ends up joining us and about the movie.. Honestly it really bored me out at first.. Until when they start to have strategic fighting ways.. The way they attack their enemy is really good.. This is a movie good for those who love to watch battle and political thingy.. hehe.. =p

I like watching Zhao Wei act, she is pretty

* * * * *

It's very late I need to be in bed now.. To end my post with a picture of yours truly ofcourse.. wth..

OMG.. I feel like Paris Hilton.. wth.. -___-"' Goodnight all..


Rueburn said...

HAHA!! after 22 yrs in brunei then i try the national dish!

Rueburn said... ambuyat even a national dish?