Friday, July 25, 2008

It was the best decision for me

Lei Ang's dog.. Cute one.. BUT I still prefer BAM BAM.. did u hear me Jenn? haha.. =p

I have been going out this few nights.. Miss spending my time with my baby lappy.. Miss blogging too.. =p Thomas was nice enough to treat me to Korean food last night.. Finally!! Kimchi babe.. hehe.. wth.. I ate so much like it's been days I have not eat.. hehe.. Thomas is flying soon.. Not to worry dear Thomas.. Zaw will gather us up for tea before you runs off.. =D

Thanks Thomas..!! =D

* * * * *

I'm still struggling at work ofcourse.. I'm going to start handle more specify things.. Each of us in my team has our own job responsibility starting next month.. IT'S TIME FOR WAR..!! wth..

There was this time I was so stress out, I turn to this drink to cool myself..

* * * * *

Tze, Jenn and Shirley with the guys are heading up to Kota Kinabalu soon.. Wish I could join you guys.. Have fun all.. I will have fun in Brunei too.. like eat and eat? wth.. =p

Did I mention Nicole cut her hair? OMG.. I was so shocked..!! She always tells me about long hair thingy.. Who knows now she try short hair.. I couldn't believe my eyes at first.. BUT still you look great babe.. No more cute style for that hair.. =D

* * * * *

I had a blast last weekend with my favourite people.. Ends up at Balcony.. I was longing to go singing but that Mr. Chai force me to go Balcony.. -___-

People I love.. The group who knows how to have fun.. wth.. haha..

It was hot and the song sucks at first.. Then people ran off because some police car going around.. Ends up we have the space all to ourselves and start getting cold and the songs turns groovy.. ahh.. That is fun ok.. and not to forget we camwhore alotssss... Good pictures with my lovely babes.. =D

Yea, Me being cute with that T-shirt at Balcony with my Shirley..

Part of my life

* * * * *

Later heading out for a movie with Rueburn, Angel and Wee.. Red Cliff?? Rueburn I hope it's nice.. I give you face to go ok.. wth.. =p Tomorrow's lunch your treat..!! yeaaaa...!! hehe..

Guess this? hehe.. at Lei Ang's house.. damn big.. I took this during the BBQ night..

Fishes..!! Rich big fishes.. So many.. I got to feed them too.. nice -___-"'

I know I have hurt you.. But I have no choice to look for happiness.. Please understand I need care..


Jennifer said...

yea yea! I saw that!! haha.. I'll make sure I tell BamBam..

Rueburn said...

if u like korean food, next month there will be an opening of a new restaurant. same family to the one in kiulap. the new shop at abdul razak buildings. my korean fren told me inside feels like korea, have the ventilation and BBQ set for every table, have vip room and the food there is afforable. haha. it sounds like a good place.

Cl3m3nCe said...

haha when i scroll down your blog i was thinking that dog looks familiar haha bingo it is looks familiar it is "oh bi" hehe the fur getting longer and those big fishes so much bigger before i left sigh...miss them all..and how i wish i have your life too girl should appreciate u'll stay happily forever dont worry just try not to get urself hard on something just let it be natural ya..take care