Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tze Big day

It's Tze's aka Masaki birthday..!! Happy Birthday my dear.. I know you sure have a great time celebrating with Alvin, Jenn, Hao and Shirley this year.. Too bad I can't be there to share the happiness.. BUT I did bought u a slice of cake in advance and hide your first present this year from me.. =D Wish you the best in life and happiness my dear.. *big hugssss*

* * * * *

I ate KIMCHI for dinner tonight.. *sobs happy* Mr.Lim was so kind to bring me for dinner.. =p Anyway during this big day Birthday of his majesty, Sultan of Brunei there sure be fireworks at night.. And I did manage to watch tonight..

* * * * *

Last night, I went to Lei Ang's house for BBQ session with Angel.. Simple food, friends gather, drink beer.. I was offer to drink beer but reject and people thought I'm acting innocent.. wth.. hehe.. I just hate drinking beer.. haha.. and I'm not good in drinking too, since I was driving so It's better I do not drink at all.. =p but still it was a good gathering..

Went to the dentist last Saturday.. Pain and expensive.. Never mind it's clean.. wth..

It feels like a Sunday today.. Guess I sleep too much.. wth.. More work to face tomorrow.. God bless me and everyone.. =D


|| MaSaki || said... sweet in the pic... hehe
thanks baby!
i lov ur gifts :)

Cl3m3nCe said...

girl, forgive me for my ignorance on reading your blog :( i promise i'll start reading from todays onward and on my surprise i read that you have went to lei ang's house for never heard from you?anyway you sound enjoying too and how's is every member of his family?i thought the father never suggest them to have party again after the wild night (u know when) i really miss them all..

Patricia said...

@Tze: glad that you like the gift.. =D

@Clemence: nah.. always ask u read u dont want la.. haha.. Anyway.. They are fine.. Just a small gathering lo.. Not big one.. Hehe..