Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If only things will be better

I was so moody last night that I end up quarrel with my mama.. After that I cry out loud.. I just feel so tense and stress after work.. Ever since this month when jobs all pass over to me, almost everyday I leave work after 7pm.. When I reach home I just wished to have a quiet moment of my own like hmm lock myself up from everyone..

I totally salute my mama.. She has been working so hard and her office hour are even longer and she still manage to wake up early to prepare food and do abit of cleaning.. I wish I can afford to provide the best luxury for her.. So that she won't have to get tired and fall sick.. I fail to be the best daughter for her.. I'm sorry mama.. =(


sheautze said...

working at hypermarket is like this... their working time really long, sometimes full shift , somtime morning shift.....maybe u need to spend more time during her offday or ur offday together...go makan ar...go beach ar... go shoping with her... :)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel so down leh, haiii~i felt bad for not being there when you felt like this, as a friend i should have done my upmost, so dinner tonite or what? :D KOLEAN? My treat :D

Cl3m3nCe said...

Dont worry girl, every daughter's is the best in their mama's heart so do is just exterior, sincerity is what your mama wants k take care!!

Jennifer Tiew aka Jenn said...

mm.. Patt.. let's just put it this way, if a girl like u consider yourself a failure in your mom's eyes, then.. I can't even find the right word to describe myself liao lor!! If my mom were YOUR mom, she'll be thankin GOd every single day for giving her such a wonderful child~
(too bad that will never happen cause' my mom is stuck with me 4eva.. HA HA Ha - my evil laugh)

Patricia said...

Thanks Tze, Thomas, Clemence, Jenn for the advice.. lub ya all.. *hugs to u guys* =D