Monday, July 07, 2008

Jita and Jenn big day..

Now I'm feeling full from the Fries and ice cream at McDonald.. Thomas brought me and Irwan there.. *sighs* feeling fat.. wth.. haha.. Before McD, we were at The Arch with Zaw and her BF.. and I also ate fries there.. I loveeee French Fries.. <3 After McD, off we go to Arena and both of them bully me at pool.. haha.. I don't know how to play bah.. =p but I had fun..

* * * * *

Last night, when to The Mall with Thomas and we ends up seeing Rozaini and his GF.. and also Zul with Viviana.. Zul and GF just recently got engage too.. They been long together~~

Rozaini suggest we go eat Satay.. The satay at this particular restaurant in Batu Bersurat really taste great.. Various types of meat to order from.. I want to go back there again.. And Rueburn this restaurant has Ambuyat..!! ehem ehem.. wait u treat me ya.. haha.. =p

* * * *

So fast Sunday has passed.. It seem like only yesterday Tze and Jacinta were here in Brunei.. It's time to work again.. busy busy busy.. Have you guys watch Hancock? I watch it on the first day it shows in Brunei, last Thursday 3.7.08.. The story is quite intresting, funny and good.. I'm waiting for Batman and The Mummy next..

Look MAN.. wth..

* * * * *

Today is Jita engagement day.. I shall head down to Limbang after work to attend her dinner.. Talk about Jita, a few days ago I went with her to this newly open restaurant inside Kiulap Plaza Hotel.. I forget the restaurant name.. Something like hmm, Hong Kong wok thingy.. hehe.. not bad the food.. smell and taste good..

Good looking rice pot.. hehe..

Jita and her food..

Mine.. Fish fillet wrap with eggs.. yumm

* * * * *

Alrite off to bed now.. Hold on before that.. Jennifer Tiew my dear.. Happy Birthday babe.. Wish you happiness, sexy all the time and Mr. Right to get marry.. =p *muaks and huggies*

Guess my supper should digest some by now.. wth.. Goodnight all..


Rueburn said...

i found one in bengkurong selling amybuyat also. and ppl keep telling me ill choke to death from eating ambuyat haha

Jennifer said...

Thanks my dear.. the b'day girl is gonna wish u the same "find your Mr.Right soon!" *muakkss*

Patricia said...

@Rueburn: wth choke to death by ambuyat?? Nvm la.. if choke then we both die together la.. u want? wth.. haha.. But also hor, you never know if you never try lo.. =p

@Jennifer: B-day girl, come let's (one-two-three)say "AMEN" to Mr.Right for both of us.. haha.. ehem ehem..

Rueburn said...

if you think about the elasticity of ambuyat, and if eat too much in one go, looks kinda dangerous, doesnt it? and it looks like japanese mochi, except i heard its tasteless haha. Mr. Right? why not look for Mr. Perfect? hahaha.

need to try out first before finding mr. right mah ^^v