Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot looking Bruce.. I like.. I like.. =p

Me so damn sleepy.. I went to catch the midnight show of Batman, The Dark Knight.. Kiasu bah.. Wants to watch it on the first day eventhough it's so late.. haha.. But what I didn't know is that the movie last for two and a half hour.. Bloody man.. If I know the movie were that long I won't bother to watch at midnight.. -___-"' I have learnt my lesson, the next time I want to watch a midnight show I have to check the duration of the movie..

Guess what eventhough the movie is good at some part my eyes actually closed.. *sighs* long movie + tired me = dum di dum di dum.. wth.. There is one thing for sure, my eyes were so wide open when I see Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale).. so handsome can die ok.. *phiewwwttt* *melt some more* wth..

Joker is like so crazy type.. He can plant bom anywhere and like everywhere.. All he do is push a button and things go *bommmm* and gone.. He do look ugly but I like his poster.. damn cool.. hehe..

* * * * *

I still don't feel confident at handling things my way yet.. I still need help at.. Yea, I know I must be fast.. But still I need guidance.. I get stress out when I don't know how to handle my stuffs.. Everything is pushed towards me.. And I have so little time to complete.. Not totally my fault.. Guess I'm not up to that level yet.. =(

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Anonymous said...

I also watched batman, after a few days it premier, lame...neways, i thought the movie was a bit too long also, tired watching it, fortunately i watched it at 9...

Joker = amazing

Batman = hate his voice when he wore the batman suit

Rachel = OMG~i wouldn't have cared less if she got bombed...she's not pretty :P ~the only reason i could think of why she acted is, she works for free and it was a sight of relief when she died~batman deserves more~