Monday, July 14, 2008

Can I compare with the past?

*sighs* Tomorrow is a public holiday and I feel real lazy to work.. Tomorrow is the day the people of Brunei celebrates the 62th Birthday of His Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei.. *sobs* This time last year I would be working until like hmm 11pm, and tomorrow I have to work.. and now.. *sobs sobs* can you feel my happiness? Leaving the previous company really proves how happy I am now.. wth.. =p

* * * * *

Yesterday was hmmm... Busy day? In the morning, Tze came so I bring her to Bandar to take pictures of some decorations.. *woot* I was sweating so much that I was wondering "when was the last time I sweat this much?" =D

Meet up with Mr. Leong for lunch.. He was having a hangover.. haha.. Good that he still manage to meet us up and STILL able to talk that much.. =p

Then my baby went for a wash.. Looking clean from dirts, who knows it rain at night.. *sighs* Never mind atleast my baby is clean.. Did accompany Mr.Lim to buy his shoes.. Aduh.. Never know there is a guy who love shoes so much.. -___-"'

Connie my babe is BACK.. yippieee... Meet up with her last night and Saturday night for dinner.. So glad to see her again.. *sobs sobs* hehe.. Connie stop bullying me..!! haha.. =p

* * * * *

I watched Hellboy on Saturday.. Hmm.. I don't like the movie lo.. Quite boring and there are parts where I almost fell asleep.. Not recommended.. =p

O'well, it's a holiday tomorrow.. really brights up my mood.. Enjoy Brunei..

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