Sunday, October 26, 2008

Advance Halloween night and rainy day at the beach

My feet are in pain.. Both leg muscle hurts so badly.. I dance until Morning..!! *sighs* Shouldn't have wear my heels *lalala blame the heels*..

I went to a Halloween party on Saturday, 27/10 organise by Thanis, Wendy and their friends.. Party was held at the Yacht Club at Kota Batu.. It was fun.. Most of the guests dress up and came in their costumes.. They were Vampire, Joker, Devil, Witch, Fairy, Angel, Pussycats, Arabic man, Pirates.. and guess what did I went as? Well, something cute of course..!! haha..

I turn up as a Bunny.. The only white Bunny in the house.. Angel told me to wear pink like the House Bunny.. Luckily I didn't because Denise dress as a PINK lady.. She has a wig is Pink.. hehe.. We end up the party around 3pm plus.. Rain were so heavy, the road were slippery so we all drove back very slowly.. and I reach home at 4am.. Remove my make up and slept at 5am.. *feeling like a dying fish*

* * * * *

And today..!! I was force to wake up at 10.30am to go to Berakas beach.. hehe.. Well, no choice.. I was invited by Mr.Lim, Christopher and Angel them.. It was Han Lie's birthday.. and when I turn up, they have already cut the cake.. Oops.. hehe.. There were abit of rain and I'm like a zombie carrying a big umbrella around the beach.. I'm not feeling well bah, I must hug the umbrella around to avoid being sick..

But ends up now at home, I'm suffering from heavy flu and neck pain.. tsk tsk.. *sobs sobs*.. I need to sleep, so goodnight everyone.. Momo had a good weekend.. =D

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