Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have not buy present for my Dad b-day on 28/10.. *yieks* =S

~Walau... My colleague's kid came into the office just now and my finance manager thought it's my kid?? Ahhhhh... NOOOO... How can that be??? *runs off and hide in the corner*

It's a sign...!! Sign to tell me to get married.. haha.. *yeah right as if*

I think it's my hair.. I should straighten my hair for this coming CNY.. but people say I look better with curl.. *dilemma* how? straight or curl...?

I'm now looking around for place to polish and wax my baby car.. Hunting for cheap and good price.. At the meantime I found one at B$100.. cheap or not? hehe.. Still looking around..

I'm still feeling abit of stiff from stress.. I still can explode anytime.. *sighs* Now I know that I'm not fit for a career women.. Maybe I should consider to downgrade myself to the receptionist post.. *image of my mum killing me* ~sighsssss~

Tomorrow is the meeting day which mean I have to read my book to do some presentation.. Can I burn the book?

I think I'm heading to the Zen Spa later after work to DE-STRESS.. but I still have to drop by the bank as last night I was planning to head to the bank before dinner at Manjaro at Kiulap.. BUT my laziness appear and I was starving because I didn't eat for lunch.. lalala.. I had a good dinner lo.. Even play Chinese chess while eating.. haha.. eh eh what's the time now.. Lunch..!! Today must eat lunch.. haha.. BYe~~


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

curly looks nice for photo shooting... but looks more mature lo... and ur daddy birthday a?R happy belated uncle! ops.......u so enjoy go spa!! EH.. i never go spa le...i heard miri got fish spa soon..hehe.... boring la... keep thinking t go brunei on weekend owes cancelled de...sien

Patricia said...

yealo.. photo look nice with curl.. I havent buy present for my dad.. haha.. Bo jadi go Spa.. I went shopping haha..cant control.. hehe.. Walau.. Fish spa in Miri? good business or not hor.. HEhe.. If not expensive can survive la.. HEhe.. PC fair start lu.. =D

rueburn said...

curly hair definitely looks better ^^v