Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lamb Lamb?

I ate so much.. Looking at my bed, it's attracting me to sleep.. NO.. I feel like a pig.. wth..

So people, One of my Colleague, Hjh Lin "open house" tonight.. And I just got home.. I feel quite heat from eating too much of LAMB....!! LAMB, which I don't usually eat, as I dislike it...

BUT tonight it's different...!!!! Totally different ok.. so so so different.. It's so delicious..!!! Today, the first time in my life I ate so much LAMB.. wth.. It's really so nice.. *big wet eye* I miss eating it already.. I just know I won't be eating such LAMB anymore.. wth..

Alright.. My eyes are closing.. I really need my bed now.. Goodnight...!! *off to dreamland~~ LAMB LAMB dum di dum di dum.....*

1 comment:

Cl3m3nCe said...

My dear.. you have a bad habit.. i don't like that :( why must you ends or starts your sentence without "WTH" ?