Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pictures during IBS Reunion Dinner

Our ticket and keychain.. Design by Tze..

The Committees

Our table - No.1

Black and White

MC of the night.. Hao and Karen.. Both were good..!!

Leong at the food area..

CCH wants to be the center of attention..

Siao Jing and Kristin

Ah jie.. Alice

Ah Ko.. Andy

My use-to-be-lecturers

Got to hunt for items listed.. piece of cake ok..


Nicole looking cute with the bedroom slipper she won.. hehe..

Ek Long is good..! HE won this game..

We the Sibu beauty and machos.. haha..

Kay the babe who keep saying I look great that night.. ^^,
Thanks Kay.. =D

Sandy, Angeline, Kay, Mei Ling, Hie Lee, Nicole, Patricia, Alice..
Ah Hao and Lieh at the back..

Dennis, Alvin, Kevin, Kobe with Hao as the leader..

The girls I love.. ah.. not complete le.. JENNIFER where are you?? hehe..

Here she is.. Jenn my sexy babe..

The very gentleman, Kevin..

Groups Picture..!!
Principle, Lecturer, Seniors and Juniors..

This is IBS 7.. I love my college mates.. IBS 7 the best ok..!! hehe..

My Hostel mates.. We love to camwhore.. -__-"'

In fact alot.. Everywhere ok.. Non-stop.. -Me& my Ko-

Told ya we can't stop camwhore together.. tsk tsk.. until the bell counter also can..
There are still alot but most of it is in Alice camera.. hehe..

To end this post.. ME ofcourse.. I have a great time at the gathering.. I miss all of them already..


= FLoReNcE = said...

WOw...great reunion. Anwyay, you know the guy Kevin? Is he Kevin Seng? I think he's my colleague now. :)

Patricia said...

Yea babe.. Our reunion was great.. and YES he is Kevin Seng.. My classmate at IBS college.. I know he work at your place de.. With Charles lagi.. hehe.. =D