Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Durian and Cheese.. yummy..

My face has a big pimple.. very visible ok..
I was feeling so tired last Saturday that I went for a facial.. and what do you know.. I have red spot and pimples now..!! *sighs* I shouldn't have go for the facial.. There is this function this Saturday, and heck now I'm going with pimples and red spots.. Agrrhh..

* * * * *

Wuu.. Nuffnang is going to have a Halloween party!! And it's a silent type of party.. so cool.. For people who are invited to the party will receive the songs download into their hand phone then they are gonna dance by hearing the songs through their headset..!! Cool ok.. I can just imagine how the situation is like.. hehe.. Hope video will be taken.. hehe..

* * * * *

Last Saturday, went to Denise home and she was having a party for her sister 16th birthday.. woootttttt.. those teenagers sure knows how to dance and have fun.. I'm not in the teenagers category anymore.. *sobs* heck.. During my age of 16, I was like at home.. And I was already 17 when I first step into pubs.. *sighs* better than nothing.. haha.. =p

Anyway, here I present to you my birthday cake this year.. The first one was a Durian cake from Ting ting, Jing Jing and Chu Chu.. The second is Cheese cake from Angel and Seng seng.. =D Yummy cakes..

Finally I have post something up.. Really don't even know what to blog about this few days.. Because I'm tired from work, and all I want to do when I get home is hug my TV and hug my comfy pillow to sleep.. =D Ayway it's really time for bed now.. *hugs to all* =)

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Cl3m3nCe said...

i'm happy for you..but its my time to feel jealous for you liao..ting present you such a beautiful cake but how dare she totally forgotten my birthday this year not even a greetings from her so sad..bad girl .. hehe but lastly few days ago she apologize for her miss out..but still so dissappointed..