Sunday, October 05, 2008

A good gathering dinner =)

Tired.. So tired.. I went to Miri twice this week.. One is during the Raya holiday and yesterday for my college Reunion gathering dinner..

I spend my two days Raya off resting with Winnie and Ah Jun at their house.. Both of them were so kind to allow me to bunk at their home.. Totally a good rest.. No smoky place, no alcohol.. Just lots of good foods.. =D so happy..Really don't feel like returning back home to work..

Anyway during the gathering, I took alot of pictures but most of it is not with my own camera.. Jenn and Tze I shall wait for both of you to upload onto facebook.. hehe..

Thank God the gathering has come to an end.. It went well.. Thumbs up to very member of the committees.. I had a great time, especially seeing back most of my ex-classmates.. and ofcourse seeing my Ko and Jie.. *sobs* I miss them so much.. So much thing to talk with them but not enough time..!!

After the gathering I thought we would be heading over to Rex-Box to sing.. Who knows.. At the end of the day, Balcony.. and I got dizzy, just dizzy not drunk ok.. xD I'm really a bad drinker..

I shall try to post up pictures.. I tryyyyy.... =p Off to bed............ =)


Jennifer said...

I did upload some pics on my blog nia.. not much in facebook/ friendster cause' I'm sure Tze will handle that.. keke..

Patricia said...

hehe.. I saw both your blog and Tze's blog have pictures liao.. By the way.. be hardworking and be kind to email me pictures with my face in it one? hehe..
Advance: TQTQTQTQ.. Jenn totally the sexy one, the best one, the great one, the beautiful one, now.. what have I left out?? hehe.. =D PLSSSS BAHHH.. TQTQ..

sheautze said...

I will burn the edited photos to both of u...dun worry ... mm... Jenn ther more prety pics... xixi!