Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tiring~ I spend the whole afternoon with the birthday girl, Chienzz.. by driving her around.. =) Before we went around collecting and transferring stuff, we had lunch at Singapore Table with Ray, Daniel and Joan.. accompany by a 3D shape durian birthday cake (from Ray, Eve, Daniel, Joan, Kath, Siew and ME).. which taste excatly like durian and I had two rounds.. =P

Today is also another babe of mine's birthday.. CONNIE..!! I had dinner with her last night at Swensen.. When ever we had ice cream there, she never fail to order sticky chewy choco flavour.. hehe..

Ok.. I better get some sleep first, later I will be heading over to Terry's for bouncer.. yeap.. bouncer.. BOUNCER.. yieksss.. =D

I came to know something today.. I can't blame you, you have the rights.. You can't blame me, I'm not wrong to feel abit sad.. I'm keeping in mind of what my babes said, you are an idiot..

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