Monday, November 09, 2009


"Ji mui" ask me not to work past 6pm.. now already 5.52pm and my work still not done.. yieks.. nvm he will forgive me.. hehe.. =p

I want to go home ohhh...... by the way, I drank GINA MANGO JUICE for lunch.. I miss drinking it.. It still taste good!! =)

Yesterday I was home the whole day resting.. I use too much energy on Saturday.. I went to Kah Wang's surprise birthday party late at night.. Kah Wang was hit by whip cream.. It remind me of how Ray & Rue was hit by whip cream too last year at holiday lodge.. hehe..

The party is great, for a second I felt like I was at Thai bar, because freaking hot.. haha.. and I drank quite alot.. =S

My arm use to appear this big red hot itchy patch everytime I over drink, It's been awhile I haven't got it, yesterday appear again.. yieksss.. bad sign.. sighs.. Conclusion: over drink bad, but I had fun~ =D

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