Thursday, November 12, 2009


This morning at work I just realise today is Thursday already.. For the past few days I have been busy with work only.. leave office about 7.30 to 8pm.. work work work.. then nowadays all I want to go after work is back home.. home to hug my tv, lappie, and be with my bed.. haha..

For the last two days, I had a bad tummy cramp.. luckily I'm feeling better today.. and I know Joseph is going to kill me for not showing up the other day for tea.. Yesterday was his birthday oh! Happy Birthday to you boss.. hehe.. =)

I guess alot of people who knows AirAsia has this free seats promotion going on starting yesterday are busy logging into the website, trying out luck to spot for free seats and cheap fares.. The website so super lag!! I wonder who of my friends manage to book cheap tickets.. hehe..

I manage to book for my mum and the twins.. A gift for them.. muhahahahaha.. They will be off to Kuala Lumpur next year, it's been like years since their last visit to Kuala Lumpur.. Unlike me almost once a year sure I say "Hello! KL!" hehe.. I'm so proud that I finally afford to buy them air tickets, because thank god the tickets are cheap!! =) =) =) seriously I really feel proud of myself.. not everyone can do this ok.. *sobs*

Oh well.. I will be looking forward to my holidays next year!!

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