Thursday, November 05, 2009

5/11/2009 - I want new phone =S

"you are everything and everything is you.. ohhh you are everything.." playing on the radio now.. I wonder what's the title of this song..

hmm.. what can I blog about? what have I been up to?

Busy eating DURIAN.. until I feel the heatness & fatness from it.. hehe..

Margaret, my colleague bought chocolates back from her holiday trip.. I'm eating it now.. Beryl's!! niceeee!! =D

I'm happy because my supervisor saw my passport pic one and half year ago and say my face look smaller now.. and laugh at my old passport pic.. >_<

Nowadays friends and people around have iphone.. eeeee... almost everyone I see holds an iphone.. make me want to have one too.. but I'm eyeing on Nokia E75.. I love it la.. I want phone which slide out with QWERTY keyboard!! Nokia or iphone? hmm..


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

1phone how much hor? regiina also using it...
the nokia how much ler?
can ask ah fat bah...he selling hp now... can get discount discount...

Patricia said...

Iphone in Brunei 3gs 16gb around B$1.3k lo.. E75 around B$ 550 now.. Malaysia buy iphone with register line, contract one is cheaper.. Ah fat is unreachable.. haha.. =p

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

1 ipone = 1 laptop hor?

Patricia said...

hehe.. macam tu lo.. =)