Sunday, November 15, 2009


I woke up early on a Sunday, today.. Now spending some quality time blogging, trying to upload my long long pictures from KK trip, chat on MSN, watch drama and being a pig still in bed.. I'm multi-tasking yo~ =p

Manage to meet Samuel yesterday.. together with Shirley and Hao.. This cute couple hide and surprise me.. haha.. very happy to see them.. We went off to Swensen for late lunch.. super full!! Thanks for coming up guys.. =)

I was so full that dinner at Kimchi Restaurant I manage to ate abit of kimchi only.. I went there for Denise's surprise *belated* birthday dinner.. ^^

I'm starting to feel hungry already.. will be heading to country patch later.. then re-watch the movie 2012 tonight.. it's a good & great movie.. =)

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