Monday, November 02, 2009

our 31/10/09 - Eve's advance birthday dinner

I'm having this lazyness mode since I don't know when..

Totally not into doing my work.. but Thank God I only have one pending work.. The others have been arranged.. but enquiries keep flooding in.. emailsssssss.. T_T

My weekend was slow.. It was halloween but didn't do anything happening.. But I did have a good dinner celebrating Eve's advance birthday.. =)

We had dinner at Le Taj (north indian food) and surprise her by getting Ray (late comer) to bring out the birthday cake.. oh boy, Eve was really surprise..

We fill up the cake with small candles and it look pretty!! The cake was topped with strawberries, Eve's favourite.. I love strawberries too.. ^^ The cake may look good but the one Joan bought on my birthday taste better.. hehe.. =p

Chien, Me with Eve =)

muhahaha.. =p

with Chien & Wendy

Missing people in the pic: JoLin, Matt, Chu, Kath & Stephen.. hehe..

It's November already.. gosh.. another month to go and it's December.. I hope this month will be better extra BETTER for me.. October has been a great, lovely, happening, full of love & laughs month.. =D

Okie.. Lunchie time.. I'm hungry.. bye!


Ray said...

hahaha, anyone shouted "BRAVOOOO" in the end? loool

Patricia said...

youuuuu!!! comment on the wrong post huh?? how come shout "BRAVOOO" for Eve's b-day?? @_@!!! HAHA.. *kick you*