Sunday, April 11, 2010

If you continually give, you will continually have

For me from Fortune Cookie today: If you continually give, you will continually have.

* * * * *

Yesterday I went to A.L salon.. and RE-PERM my hair.. this time I had Korea iron perm, so it won't look too curly.. I can't stand my hair being super straight anymore.. so flat! *I understand how you feel Jenn!* lol..

Andy, my hairstylist.. handle my hair with great care ofcourse.. I warned him -"better be nice hor".. and the outcome, yes I was satisfy.. =D Thanks Andy!

Before heading to Andy's salon I had lunch at Matadoe at Mata-Mata.. Food and environment is nice.. Thanks to John for the treat!

* * * * *

I fell in love with Mr. Pink.. so so so pretty and cute! I love Lomo's effect.. I WANT.. hehe.. =P

* * * * *

Update 2.40am: Had dinner at Excapade just now with Chienz and Hiang.. goshhh.. so FULL..! =D

I receive order to go to sleep now.. yieksss.. =P Goodnight~

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Anonymous said...

looking super GREAT with the new perm princess *jealous to the max* nahh.. BB, see the sacrifices mommy is making for u.. sigh.. giving up being hot and sexy (tat is a big deal)

Patricia said...

@Jenn: (big deal your head! lol) BB, don't listen to your mummy.. she just love to complain.. lol..
Anyway, thanks babe.. This Korea iron perm is kinda loose and natural curl de.. Testing how long it's gonna last.. =) and when October come you gonna be hot and sexy again! =P