Friday, April 30, 2010


My baby lappie went to the technician yesterday.. Window clash! Thank God all my files are save! I was so worry~ Now my lappie has re-format and it's running on Window 7.. wuhuuu.. I like~ =D

I just reach home from tea with Kath and J.Tyng.. Don't know why but our topic of the night ends up with Mr. T.. I was feeling angry when I blog a post for him last year.. Angry at him for being selfish and not because I hate him.. I choose to step out and ignore first, also to decide for him since he don't know what to do.. Should I believe his side of story or her side of story? Well, it doesn't matter anymore, it's a past.. Now we are happier isn't it.. =) He will always be a special-kindest friend~

* * * * *

Last night at Thai restaurant, PY use her Mr. Pink camera with instant mode to take picture of us.. Lomo camera really need lots of practice and skill to take nice shots..

Guess who? lol.. bad result, due to light setting.. hehe.. I like instant picture!!! =D

* * * * *

I spot a nice baby pink digital photo frame just now when me and J.Tyng accompany Kath to Hua Ho at Bunut.. so nice~ ^^

Alright off to bed.. Goodnight~

From the fortune cookie: Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance..

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