Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Last night, went to this new Italian Restaurant call DA'MAMMAMIA..
They took over Dunes cafe and now an Italian Resto.. Ordered Pizza and Pasta.. hmm.. The food is alright, just passed.. Maybe other dishes are good.. so it's still worth to go and give it a try.. I'm sure they will improve! =D
I had a slice of Honey Garlic Chicken pizza at lunch today.. haha.. Last night pizza, today pizza.. Luckily dinner at Fratini's Resto just now I had pasta instead of Pizza.. If I ate pizza again I might puke.. haha..
* * * * *
Tomorrow is Joan's Birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!
Tomorrow is Jeffrey's Birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!
Tomorrow is Fadhlina's Birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FADZ!
Love and miss you all! =D
off to bed now.. GOODNIGHT! =)


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

lot frens birthday bah this month...leong, jemalie, then joan then shirley... haha

Patricia said...

@Tze: yea.. birthday month starting from now.. hehe..