Monday, April 26, 2010

因为只要有你的那一站, 就是幸福的 ♥

The moon tonight shine like a star~ I took this picture just now when I reach home.. My Monday went slow and well.. Thank God I don't have much work today.. hehe..

Yesterday I watched this romantic comedy "When In Rome" and I love it.. The story is good..

The actress, Kristen Bell is beautiful..

The story is about a lady who don't believe in real love because in every of her relationship, she always end up being hurt.. She flew to Rome for her baby sister wedding.. In a depress mood of feeling hurt by love she scold the Fountain of Love, which is right outside of the church and pick up 5 coins from the fountain.. The owners of those coin fell in love with her.. and she have to find a way to get rid of the spell.. =D STORY IS NICE RIGHT???? say yes?? LOL.. NVM, I find it nice.. =P

One magician, one model, one artist, one own a sausage company.. hehe..

This part very funny~

End my post with food.. hehe.. my dinner at Secret Recipe~ GOODNIGHT..

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