Thursday, April 15, 2010

you own me, you own my heart

This post.. Picture post? hehe..
30th Happy Birthday to my supervisor, Felicia.. see above picture, got rose some more.. lol
Thick chocolate cake
me busy cutting the cake.. gossshh.. Aunty look here!!!! =S
* * * * *
Pictures of food from T.T Blues Cafe in Gadong, Brunei.. hehe..
Tuesday, I went there to have dinner with Elaine and Andy.. Good food.. =)
The first time I went to T.T Blues after Hao ran took over the Chef post was with Chienz and Hiang..
Mushroom bread is very nice!!
Satay is nice too..
Salad is nice too..
Fish and Chip need to improve but still good enough.. hehe..
I hope their business improve soon.. Their boss didn't do any advert about them re-open after renovating and change of Chef.. Well, overall it's a good restaurant worth going.. =D
* * * * *
I browse through some old pics and decide to post this two pic..
Clemence is so going to kill me for posting such ugly pic of hers.. HAHAHA.. Luckily she too busy to go online.. hohoho..
Ting ting and Kok how..
Three of them not in Brunei.. haiz.. Miss them very much..
* * * * *
"you own me, you own my heart.." - *sniff sniff* so touching, I want to say this too.. ^^ One of the episode from Lipstick Jungle..


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

why the cake must put 30th?
if my birthday i wish to put 13th
hahaha! tipu sama sendiri = =

Patricia said...

Tze: because we want to remind our supervisor that she is turning 30.. dont be choosy about guys.. hehe.. =P