Sunday, August 01, 2010

Last night-Martel but I drank COKE^^

Pictures for this whole week, from last Sunday~

BBQ at Muara Beach

After the beach, 'Pisang Goreng' at Ray's house.. yum yum! very good!

The night I first drank Guinness.. ok when it's chill, not ok when not chill! Royce say VERY NICE DE.. =X hehe

Drop by to visit Mothercare store for Jennifer.. =X

Black Label night-PURE- 5 of us *bad hangover*

Eve gave me 'Ipoh Pan Mee' to try.. yummy! =D

Visit Consumer fair at Bridex! Yes, I drop by RBA booth~~ =)

Ahhh tomorrow is Monday!!! but oh well, welcome August!!! =)

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