Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today it's a public holiday for beloved Brunei, first day of Puasa, the start of Ramandan.. And no! today, I did not spend my holiday hiding myself in my room.. lol

1) Morning: Erick salon - RE-PERM my HAIR

Whenever I perm my hair, I get to use different looking kind of curling machine.. I don't like the machine from Erick Salon because they use this grey thing cover my head (picture below) and 'press start button' you can feel warm air start blowing inside the cover.. I feel like a hot air balloon there, the air blowing inside the cover make me dizzy.. felt like alot of air went into my scalp? DISLIKE! but thank god the outcome was acceptable =)
2) Then after I'm done with my hair, went for late lunch at McD with Joan and Daniel..

3) After McD, the three of us went to GK salon.. ME = pedicure, Joan = menicure, Daniel = Hair wash..
My poor injure toe need some pedicure love~~

4) In the evening: I went to visit ah Jun and Winnie.. Eason already one year old~~

5) At night: Chit chat over a cup of hot chocolate with Kath, Tynn, Clarisse, Izan, Joanna..

ahh see, I spend my holiday well.. so Goodbyeeeeeeee

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