Saturday, August 21, 2010

celebrity, casual, costume?

Wuuu~ I receive a wedding dinner invitation for next month- Daphne and Khang Wei

Bride's dinner will be held in Brunei, the wedding ceremony will be held in Limbang.. and YES, that mean I have to drag myself down to Limbang to be 'ji mui'.. =.=
I want to faint when I read the theme for this wedding dinner.. Theme: Celebrity, Casual, Costume wear.. this bride-to-be really alot of pattern, tak boleh tahan her.. lol

sighs~~ what to wear le.................

I need to think for another wedding dinner too actually, which is also next month.. du du du du Two wedding to attend in September.. du du du du


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

haha good ideas...have u think what to wear liao/.? grace wedding de baju u make le ma? me got some problems with it la... >.<

Patricia said...

Tze: I think and think, still don't know wat to wear lo.. haha.. maybe I will go for the casaul look, simple and easy! hehe.. Daph keep asking me to dress up as LADY GAGA.. =.=
Dress for Grace is in the process lo.. wats wrong with yours? you havent bring to the tailor?