Tuesday, August 24, 2010

chienz polar bear is back

Current location: Chienz's room

hohoho.. my Chienz is back! She is going to be free for the next 4 months because her boyfriend is now at this far far away country name Melbourne.. =P
haha.. joking~~ Anyway, eventhough she is free I don't think we will hang out much unless I feel super energetic or very in the mood to drive all the way down to her house after work, when my office and home is only 5 minutes away.. to her house need 15 minutes ok (I think).. hiak hiak.. =P

Lucky for her to see me today because I went to Kiulap area to survey some stuff so I follow her home to use her internet connection.. wth =P

Yeah~~ I can't wait for weekend to comeeeeeee, de-stress time.. I will be at Miri TO see baby Annabelle & ALL the Hot Mama.. Also TO clubbbbbb~~ Anyone I know going to be in Miri this weekend? Have fun everyone! =D

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